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The Next Generation of Interactive PXI Software


You probably need to use separate hardware to debug your automated test equipment and stay efficient. But what if you could reuse your same PXI hardware for this instead?


Our new InstrumentStudio™ software is a critical part of a comprehensive software workflow that helps you maximize your investment in PXI instrumentation. It significantly improves the interactive use model for modular instruments and makes debugging while running tests more intuitive. This ultimately simplifies your test system development.


InstrumentStudioScreenShot.pngFor example, “Windows, windows everywhere!” is a familiar feeling for most LabVIEW developers, and LabVIEW NXG confirmed how nice keeping everything organized in a single environment can be. Instead of tackling discrete windows for NI PXI soft front panels, you can use InstrumentStudio to combine these instruments in a single integrated soft front panel and capture screenshots and measurement results in one view.


There’s a time and place for skeuomorphic design, or creating a software UI that closely mimics something from the real world. However, if you can take your UI design a step further, you should.


A focus on usability and convenience


On an older PXI oscilloscope soft front panel, turning a virtual knob with your mouse pointer to zoom in works fine. But InstrumentStudio adapts to your full-screen PC monitor even better and uses what Microsoft taught us about zoom: just spin that mouse scroll wheel to zoom in on your signal. It’s the little things.


InstrumentStudio was designed with UI usability and convenience in mind. You’ll intuitively locate the settings you need with the redesigned, consistent menus in just one or two clicks.


Scope Zoom for Blog - Looped.gif


Nobody likes a resource hog. If you’ve worked with both code and soft front panels simultaneously in the past, and you didn’t follow the steps in order along the way, you may have encountered a “resource already in use” error. Using driver versions 18.1 and later, you can more naturally share driver sessions between a soft front panel and programming environment. You can monitor the state of your instruments while they run or even interactively take control for debugging while the original instrument session is still open.



Monitor Control for Blog - Looped Final Version.gif


InstrumentStudio automatically installs with NI-SCOPE, NI-FGEN, NI-DMM, and NI-DCPower versions 18.1 and later, or you can download it for free today.


Give it a try! We think you’ll like what you find.


Download InstrumentStudio today >>


See how InstrumentStudio will change the way you work >>