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Re: The NIWeek 2017 Catalog is LIVE!

We've got exciting news: The NIWeek 2017 catalog is now LIVE!


Search through our range of engaging sessions by topic, technical level, type, applications, or product to find the sessions that most challenge and benefit you.


Whether you’re interested in improving your technical proficiency, exploring hands-on solutions with NI products, or learning from thought-leaders throughout a range of industries, you’ll find plenty of enriching sessions at NIWeek 2017.


Session highlights include:


  • Managing Test System Development for Consumer Devices
  • 5 Tips to Develop, Deploy, and License a Memorable Application
  • LabVIEW FPGA: Getting the Most Out of Simulation
  • Crossing the Millimeter-Wave Test Barrier
  • 5G: From Theory to Practice
  • Comprehensive Solutions for Testing the Connected
  • Hands-On: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
  • What's New in LabVIEW? Everything.
  • How We Found Ourselves After Getting Lost in Our Own Big Data
  • Get the Most Out of Your Embedded UI

Explore the catalog here – and check back often as more sessions are added!


Register now to take advantage of discount ticket pricing >>


NIWeek brings together thousands of the brightest engineers, scientists, and innovators to explore the future of tech. Join us in Austin, Texas from May 22 to 25 to learn from a range of industry leaders, network with peers from over 60 countries, and increase your technical proficiency so you can develop cutting-edge applications faster, smarter, and cheaper.


This announcement was posted on Feb 7, yet going to the provided link says "Come back March 27 to view the session schedule currently under development".  So it was NOT really live yet.


Today is March 30, and the same "Come back March 27 ..." message is still there.  What's up with this?!  Will we ever get to view the session schedule BEFORE the event?


@TimVargo: We're so glad you're planning to attend NIWeek 2017! At this time we have about 80% of the sessions finalized and you can explore them using the menu of options on the left side of the catalog. The "Come back March 27" message is not accurate and should be removed soon. 

Active Participant



I'm interested in the TSN-related sessions:


The description of the Intro session says, "For customers to learn the Theory of Operations of TSN before going for the low level Nuts N Bolts session". However the Intro session is on Wednesday, while the Low-Level session is on Monday... 2 days earlier.


Should the session times be swapped? (Or is this a sales ploy to get us to purchase an NI-1985 in order to fully benefit from these sessions?)


Anyway, just to clarify: Do I need to attend the Intro session to get the most out of the Low-Level session?