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The 3 Automotive Trends No One is Talking About (Anymore)

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The world – it is a-changing. That change is most evident when you look at the transportation industry.


The future of not just automobiles, but how the greater “we” get from point A to point B, is painted with excitement and opportunity. The technological revolution of connected systems is inducing change for the electrification of vehicles, autonomous driving systems, and how vehicles can communicate with each other and the infrastructure around them.


With so much being placed on how things WILL change, and to a certain extent rightly so, the market is losing sight of the existing challenges that stand in the way of producing safe and reliable vehicles today – test configuration in the face of compressed timelines, the centralization of the ECU, and the lack of enterprise data management solutions.  


In the future, I’ll delve into these trends and the impact that they’re having on the day-to-day challenge of testing the today’s vehicle designs.  For each of these, we’ll look to adjacent industries to understand where the answers will come from.


The only thing that stays the same is that everything changes


Change is the new constant for cars, and not just the experience of using them or the technology that defines them. Government regulations and liability insurance coverage have unknown changes coming; car dealerships and rental car companies have disruption bearing down on them. Paramount to these changes are the systems and methodologies that you’re using to validate and test these components – for cost, time-to-market, reliability, and most importantly – safety.


Fortunately, the components that are being used to define these new systems are not novel. We’ve seen the same technologies evolve the testing landscape in semiconductor and aerospace/defense, the latter with many of the same “auto-pilot” type capabilities. National Instruments has a 40+-year history of excellence in testing, and we’re squarely focused on the automotive industry.


Stay tuned for future posts we’re we’ll talk about the lessons learned from similar challenges in adjacent industries, highlight many of the evolving trends in automotive and what they mean for test engineers, and ultimately showcase some of the coolest successes across the industry for what “mobility” companies are doing now.


In the mean time, you can read more of my thoughts on this in Electronic Design.