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SystemLink™: Boost Operational Efficiency With Systems, Test and Data Management​

We realize that managing configuration activities and data for a fleet of distributed test and measurement systems can be daunting, especially when systems incorporate a variety of device configurations and software combinations. As the number of distributed systems and the amount of data increase, you need to manage the disparities across these systems.

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That’s exactly why we released SystemLink at NIWeek last year. Since then, we’ve continued to invest in this software because it’s critical to the daily work of so many engineers. With the new features we’ve added to SystemLink, you can accomplish the following.


Centrally Track and Manage Your Test Assets With the New SystemLink Asset Module



You can centrally track and manage your test assets, including usage information and calibration data, with the new SystemLink Asset Module. This dashboard of information helps you quickly scan for relevant insights, such as connection history and calibration forecasts. Then you can properly schedule your test assets and better plan for system downtime and upkeep.



Track Key Performance Indicators With New Test Monitor Dashboards


Beyond monitoring the health and performance of your systems, you need to track the actual tests that are being performed. With the SystemLink Test Module, you can keep tabs on all tests underway, whether in a validation lab or on the production line.


With new dashboard capabilities, you can quickly view key performance indicators like yield, failure Pareto charts, and test times. Better yet, you can use these capabilities out of the box with TestStand and seamlessly add them to custom test executives with new APIs for LabVIEW, Python, and .NET.


And in the case of network interruptions (because we all know they’re bound to happen), local test nodes now cache results and send them to the SystemLink Server when a connection is reestablished.


Future-Proof Your Test Systems


SystemLink also helps you maximize instrumentation utilization and minimize cost and employee time spent on administrative tasks related to managing your testers. You can use this software to future-proof your test systems so your team can keep up with constantly changing requirements and new technologies.


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We specifically designed SystemLink to improve your operational efficiency by providing a central web application for everything you need. It can help you quickly set up and manage software, tests, and assets across multiple facilities and test benches with a single interface.


Imagine it: software installation, asset management, and test monitoring all in one place. It’s here.


Learn more about SystemLink >>


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