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Software: the most strategic asset to your test engineering team

Whether it’s modern commercial aviation technology or defense and government fleets, test systems are becoming more dependent on software. According to the Defense Science Board, “many of the capabilities provided by our weapons systems are derived from the software of the system, not the hardware. This shift from hardware-enabled capabilities to software-enabled capabilities is increasing quickly.”


Software intellectual property is the single most strategic asset to your test engineering team.


It’s such a valuable part of mission-critical systems that it remains highly-controlled and requires rigorous testing. But test software maintenance can be laborious and expensive – especially if it’s built in a large, monolithic structure.


The best way to increase reusability and reduce the time to modify or recertify test code is to build test software architectures in small, dedicated layers. This way, your test team can individually repair and upgrade a layer or module while isolating others and maintaining the same inputs and outputs.




Abstraction layers are critical tiered software architecture components that translate each test software interlock and the NI software platform includes programming environments and application software ideal for doing just that.


To help you learn how abstraction layers increase code reuse and reduce certification costs, check out the following resources:


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