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Rethink Megatrends to Secure Your Future


Engineering megatrends are profoundly transforming industries, product testing, and the companies trying to monetize them. The proliferation of the Internet of Things, the progression of 5G technology from prototyping to commercial deployment, and the journey to autonomous driving for the masses present large and complex challenges, but they also give us the opportunity to innovate in ways we never could’ve imagined.  


Truly realizing the benefits of these megatrends requires a fundamental shift in our approach to automated test and automated measurement. To be successful, we must think differently, act purposefully, and make ​the critical shift toward software-defined systems. That’s where Trend Watch comes in.  

Trend Watch provides insights into the most crucial engineering trends and challenges of our ever-changing technology landscape. I think you’ll find it helpful in your efforts to accelerate full force ahead into the future.