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Re: Perspective Shift, Platform Strengthening


Written by: Shelley Gretlein, our new VP of Corporate Marketing


As we look toward our next chapter after 40 years of impacting engineering, and 30 years of accelerating the work of engineers with LabVIEW, I too am turning the career page. Many of you know me well as @ladylabview, the leader and face of the our software platform for more than 10 years. 


I’m honored to move from director of our software platform to Vice President of Corporate Marketing. As my focus shifts, I’m thrilled to see our platform strengthening, and can’t wait to help our teams continue to innovate and drive our platform forward. I’m bringing the first-hand experience of seeing the productivity impact our software has on the engineering community to the company level. My 15 years at NI have given me unparalleled knowledge of our software platform and the complexity our customers are solving, and as a Certified LabVIEW Developer myself, I live and breath the benefits of our software and am excited to bring my perspective to NI as a whole.


As I take my passion for software into the new world of ensuring every engineering and scientist can accelerate their engineering with our platform, I’d love to start by listening: send me your ideas, challenge my views, and let’s embark on this journey together!


Send me your thoughts by commenting below, or tweet me at @ladylabview.


- Shelley

Active Participant



Fantastic news on your career progression, for those of us who meet you regularly at software focus events we'll miss your presence when you're too busy innovating in the marketing department.


Your invaluable experience understanding where and how the NI software suite is applied in solving some of the world's most advanced and inspiring engineering challenges will surely allow you to drive the marketing team with an awareness of the greatest strengths LabVIEW brings to the broader software community.


As we all know, NI is investing heavily in advancing it's whole software platform whilst working closely with the growing populous of LabVIEW developers to understand best how to meet the technological needs of the future. LabVIEW has long been promoted as the software platform that's easy to pick up, yet sufficiently powerful to solve the most complex of problems. It is most certainly capable of serious large-scale software solutions, and yet carefully maintains a shallow learning curve allowing the novice a low entry barrier and immediate productivity gains.


You ask for ideas: My careful advice might be to ensure the marketing team maintain a careful stance on this broad-reaching promise. LabVIEW sometimes suffers disrespect in the eyes of traditional programmers, regarding G as a gimmick and not for 'professionals'. So LabVIEW's prime time is perhaps yet to come, as I feel the future is very bright for graphical programming and NI will be leading the charge. Ever-growing inroads into worlds traditionally dominated by text based languages are gradually increasing the acceptance of LabVIEW globally, and I feel this domain is NI's largest untapped potential. Just how you position yourself to challenge this without losing sight of its unique simplicity is, well, down to the marketing experts such as yourself Smiley Wink


All the best in the new role Shelley! We're all very excited for the future!



Thoric (CLA, CLED, CTD and LabVIEW Champion)


Thanks for the sare!!