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New Features in Multisim Live

NI Employee (retired)

Table of Contents

December 15th 2017

September 15th 2017

July 31st 2017

June 20th 2017

January 13th 2017

December 12th 2016

November 11th 2016

October 21st 2016

September 8th 2016

July 28th 2016


December 15th 2017

6,000 new components in Multisim Live!

We just released a major new update and I am incredibly excited to say that Multisim Live now has over 6,000 new components from some of the top semiconductor manufacturers such as NXP, TI, Infineon, ADI, Maxim, and more!

How can you start using these 6,000 new components today?

  1. Make sure you're a Premium user. That means you will need to activate Multisim Live Premium with a Multisim (for desktop) serial number. You can find more information about Multisim Live Premium here.
  2. Open the schematic editor by creating a new circuit or editing an existing circuit.
  3. Click on the search button at the top of the component toolbar and start typing the name of the component you're looking for.

Please note that while we worked hard to select the most commonly used components to add, we may not have the exact component that you're looking for. You can always try to find a similar component that is available or give us feedback by posting to the Multisim Idea Exchange.

September 15th 2017

Reference Circuits

We've now released a new category of circuits: reference circuits. Reference circuits are public circuits chosen for their reuse potential and great documentation. You can find and search through the list over at or under the Circuits menu.

Advanced Search

We've improved search functionality for Premium users. Now if you're creating a circuit and need to find a component the search will look in both component names and descriptions. The search will also return additional descriptions of components and links where appropriate.


Data Plotter

Ever thought about comparing data sets in Multisim Live? Well now Premium users can import CSV data into the grapher! Our new feature uses the Data Plotter which is found in the Analysis and Annotation section of the component toolbar. 

Click here to open an example circuit that I made which compares simulated data from an integrator circuit to real data that I took using the NI ELVIS.

July 31st 2017


Embeddable Circuits

We just added the ability for anyone to embed and simulate a circuit into any website that allows the iframe HTML tag. And for forums, we've added the ability to automatically generate an image and link to the circuit!

Navigate to the Circuit Details and click on the brackets </> underneath the image to get the embed code. Or, click on the link icon next to the embed button to get code to post an image to a forum.




Expression Plotter

Premium users can now place an expression plotter which will display a custom calculated value on the grapher. Now calculate instantaneous power, equivalent resistance, or gain within Multisim Live.

Place the Expression Plotter by going into the "Analysis and annotation" component toolbar then select Expression and place it anywhere on the schematic. Next, double click the Expression Plotter to add an expression which will then show on the grapher next time you run a simulation.

Expression Plotter Small.gif


June 20th 2017


Parameter Sweep

Users with Premium access to Multisim Live can now sweep virtually any parameter in a circuit! Resistance, capacitance, even the forward voltage drop across a transistor can be swept.
Log in as a Premium account, open a circuit, select Parameter Sweep from the simulation types drop-down, then configure your sweep in the configuration pane. 
You can find more information in the parameter sweep help.


Cursors in the Graph

Everyone can now more easily view your graph data in Multisim Live. Turn on cursors to easily find the exact Y value that corresponds to a selected X value. 
Open the grapher or select the grapher in split view, expand the configuration pane, then halfway down the configuration pane will be cursor settings. Choose a cursor type to enable cursors.
You can find more information in the cursors help.


Create Custom Component Models

Users with Premium access can now create custom .model and .subckt statements and definitions on some common components in Multisim Live. This allows you to implement additional device parameters and replace a component model to a custom SPICE model for that component.
Place a component like a 3 terminal MOSFET and double click it to open the configuration pane. Click on the drop-down under MODEL and select either .model or .subckt to enter your SPICE code.
Learn more here


January 13th 2017

We made a couple of user interface changes to make navigating and sharing public circuits much easier.

Open Circuit can now be found right above the circuit preview and we have a brand new home screen image!

The favorite, copy, and views buttons and indicators have been redesigned and both the in-app and social share buttons have been moved below the circuit for added visibility.

Multisim Live Update January.png

December 12th 2016

You may have noticed some changes to the navigation menu or this strange new "Junction" component. Watch the video below to learn 6 new features and 2 bonus tips to become an even better circuit designer!

Highlights include:

  • The ability to place a floating wire
  • New schematic symbols
  • And we answer the question: what's the best way to measure voltage across a resistor?


November 11th 2016

We've added DC Sweep!
Just open a circuit, select a simulation type, and you'll see DC Sweep! Click on the settings icon to change your sweep parameters.

DC Sweep is a premium-only feature so if you don't see it, you may need to activate Premium in your profile settings.

Want to try it out right now? Go simulate my MOSFET Characteristic Curves circuit:


October 21st 2016

  • Export to Multisim 14 (desktop)
  • New menu layout
  • Rotate while placing with keyboard shortcuts
  • Premium users can share private files with other premium users

Check out my video below for a demonstration of these features:


September 8th 2016

You can now:
-Autoconnect wires
-Download an image of your schematic as a PNG

Watch the video below for a quick introduction to these features.


July 28th 2016

  • Mouse cursor clean up. It should be easier to start wiring and to understand mouse operations especially in the Grapher area.
  • Tiered components. If you are using the Free tier, you may notice fewer available components. Upgrade to premium to get them all back again! (Go to your "Profile Settings" to manage your access level.)
  • Zoom all in the Grapher. You can restore the Grapher to display all the data by clicking on "Zoom all" in the Item tab of the Configuration pane.
  • Automatic time-step in Interactive mode. By default, the simulator will now automatically select time-steps during simulation. You can override these settings in the Document tab of the Configuration pane.
  • More help. There is now context help available in the Information Pane and for the advanced parameters of semiconductor devices.
  • A centre tap transformer was added to the component palette.


Brian H. -- Electronics & Measurements Product Marketing Manager