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New Collaboration Brings Metrology-Grade VNAs to NI’s PXI Portfolio


We’re excited to announce the release of the PXIe-S5090, the first product developed in collaboration with Copper Mountain Technologies (CMT), a leader in vector network analyzer (VNA) technology. The PXIe-S5090 is CMT’s first modular VNA and delivers metrology-grade measurements for applications requiring two-port parametric measurements.


A Leader in Network Analyzer Technology


CMT is an award-winning industry leader that provides affordable and high-performance VNA products and test measurement solutions. The company has sold VNAs to thousands of customers around the world, demonstrating high performance, fast operation, and an intuitive software experience.






While CMT’s product portfolio has relied on USB, this first product release in the PXI form factor with NI helps the company penetrate the test and measurement market with greater visibility.


Two-Port VNA Technology for PXI


The PXIe-S5090 brings two VNA ports to a single PXI slot and offers several performance features, including:

  • Frequency coverage from 300 kHz to 9 GHz
  • Exceptional dynamic range
  • A low noise floor

Additionally, the VNA ships with a ready-to-run soft front panel for quickly configuring and performing measurements interactively.


For test engineers who need quality VNA measurements integrated within their automated test setups, the PXIe-S5090 software also provides seamless automation alongside other PXI instruments across validation and production test.


Learn more about the PXIe-S5090.