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NIWeek 2019 Session Preview




NIWeek 2019 is hosting a wide array of informative sessions on important industry topics, including:


Semiconductor Sessions  


As the next generation of smarter systems and wireless networks pushes the semiconductor industry to new heights, engineers must test increasingly complex ICs amid tight deadlines while hitting cost targets. Discover how industry leaders are addressing these and other test challenges.  


Automotive Sessions 

The same technological trends that are shaping electric vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems, and V2X communication are presenting engineers with new test challenges. Learn from companies that use virtual tests, power electronics emulation, and restbus simulation to build the vehicles of tomorrow. 


Aerospace and Defense Sessions 


The aerospace and defense industry embodies a rigorous landscape—one that demands precision, quality, and increasingly complex technologies. Gain insightful perspectives on this industry during discussions featuring a variety of topics, including trends and best practices. 


Academic Sessions 


Wondering how to transform your latest research techniques and teaching practices into effective methodologies that benefit students? Then participate in-depth conversations to explore how you and your institution can prepare future engineers for the challenges of tomorrow. 

 NIWeek 2019 Speaker Scott - TW - 506 x 253.png


Keynote Sessions 


NI wants to know: what inspires you? During NIWeek, you can hear from industry pioneers, including renowned astronauts who’ve embarked on groundbreaking missions to outer space. If enterprise initiatives appeal to you, you can discuss with NI leadership recent innovations that are reshaping the fields of business and engineering. No matter what your interests are, our keynote sessions offer something for everyone.  


Software Engineering Processes, Architecture, and Design Sessions 


Whether your team is striving to enact better software engineering processes, write modular and scalable code, develop a flexible hardware abstraction layer, design a truly usable UI, or improve its reuse with TestStand, the SEPAD Track can help. This track comprises minitracks so you can immerse yourself in one topic over several sessions or the entire day. 


Hardware Technology Sessions


With topics ranging from signal integrity to vision system deployment, IoT communication buses, and data acquisition signal synchronization, NI hardware technology sessions can help you make the most of the NI tools you use every day. 


Software Sessions 


From best practices in using out-of-the-box NI application software to programming strategies when developing with a software IDE, these sessions offer key foundational tenets to help you successfully create basic applications and extend your knowledge.


Acquire and refine the skills you need to meet today’s industry challenges. Register and reserve your spot today!