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NIWeek 2018 Spotlight: Software Engineering Processes Architecture and Design


We’re thrilled that NIWeek 2018 – Future Faster is offering a unique software learning experience crafted by our outstanding and innovative LabVIEW Champions.


Building on efforts and tracks from previous years, we're excited to be working with LabVIEW Champions program to host this first ever, 44 session, 3 rooms in 3 days (plus 1 day in a ballroom) NIWeek track on Software Engineering Processes Architecture and Design (SEPAD). 


SEPAD At a Glance


Here's what you can expect:


  • All sessions led by Certified LabVIEW Architects, LabVIEW Champions, Alliance Partners, and Senior NI Engineers.
  • Mini-tracks (multiple sessions on one topic) for attendees to spend extended time diving deeper into a particular subject.
  • Sessions that build on each other, ensuring deeper understanding.
  • All sessions will be held in the same rooms to enabling networking with thought leaders and other community pioneers.
  • Topics include: software engineering process, testing software, software deployment and continuous integration, object-oriented programming, hardware & measurement abstraction layers, and frameworks such as DQMH, DCAF, and Actor Framework

Whether you’re leading a team, driving software standardization, building a LabVIEW Center of Excellence at your company, or just moving from the novice stage to becoming a confident developer, you’ll discover many relevant and engaging sessions that enhance your skills and immediately contribute to your productivity.


Fly Out Friday


Make plans to attend NIWeek 2018 and bring a few colleagues so they can attend the sessions that conflict with the sessions you plan to attend. 


And don’t plan to leave until Friday!  Thursday is packed with exciting and relevant content, from the SEPAD track to the Women’s Leadership Forum.


Learn more about the SEPAD track and NIWeek2018 >>

RSVP to attend the Software Test Lab >>