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NI drives time travel with stylish new cRIO module




We’re thrilled to announce a plan to support time travel with our CompactRIO control platform!


The new Flux Capacitor Module (NI-1985) fits into a cRIO controller and enables real-time control over forward and backward time travel. FPGA-ready and weather-enabled, this new cRIO module is the latest addition to our open, software-centric platform.


“Our customer-centric solutions help engineers get innovations to market faster and smarter,” NI Time Travel Specialist Dr. Emmett Brown said. “Engineers can now drive that innovation in the past, present, and future.”


Tech specs:


  • 12 bits of accuracy
  • Supports use of user-programmable FPGA for high-speed control in multiple dimensions of time
  • Requires 1.21GW of electricity to operate
  • Supports LabVIEW Time Flexibility Toolkit, developed by our partner Dr. Brown to program the module for ultimate control of forward and backward travel in time
  • Weather-enabled (lightning rod for instant charging sold separately; please use caution when harnessing lightning as electrical source)
  • Works with cRIO-9068 and above
  • Supports use in autonomous and flying vehicles
  • Optimized for use at more than 88mph (141.62km/h)
  • 20% discount on product bundle: NI-1985, 1983 DeLorean DMC-12, and Instant-Charge Lightning Rod


The Flux Capacitor Module is currently in production at our labs in Hill Valley, California and will be available for purchase in June. We will formally announce the new module at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance at NIWeek in Austin, Texas May 22-25 - where you'll be able to test the module in real (and future)-time simulations on the demo floor.


Register for NIWeek >>>


More about our CompactRIO platform >>>


We’re thrilled to work at a company run by people with well-developed senses of humor who wouldn’t punish our content team for a once-per-year bit of tomfoolery – April Fools! But really though, if you have a prototype for a module supporting time travel… we’d like to talk to you.