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NI Employee Spotlight: Craig Claassen

Craig Claassen, one of our Senior Group Managers in Austin, recently traveled to India on a trip bringing robotics to children in orphanages. Here’s a brief reflection from Craig on the experience:


“Some of these kids had never seen a computer before. In 20 minutes, they’d figured out how to program graphically and put blocks together. They were poking through the computer program and finding things they weren’t even taught. The lightbulb went off in their eyes as they got things to work. If they want to pursue pursue engineering or sciences, they’re completely capable of doing that. These kids have so little - they have no parents and no family other than their orphanage. Having someone spend even four days with them is life-changing. It shows them that someone does really care about them. For each one of these kids, giving them time is a chance to help them see that they don’t have to be in that situation for the rest of their life. It’s important for them to see that they have the ability to get out and do something different with their life.”


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