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NI Employee Spotlight: Bruno Cesar

Bruno Cesar serves our Alliance Partners in Latin America and Canada as a Business Development Manager. Here’s a brief reflection from Bruno on what inspired him to join our family:


“Most people don’t know what led me to NI in the very beginning. In 1998, I was 16 years old and studying electronics in college. I did a personal project to help disabled people who couldn’t move or communicate with the people who cared about them. I’d read a biography about a teenage girl who had a cerebrovascular accident. She told of the enormous difficulties that a quadriplegic patient has communicating. So I decided to build something in my home lab to help fix that. I built a system using a portable CD player, a voice synthesiser, and a telephone keypad - all very 90s things! The system had a custom algorithm so the patient could operate it using a thumb or foot to speak basic human needs with a clear, natural voice, like ‘I want to go to the bathroom’ or ‘I’m cold.’ After I graduated, I worked in the medical devices area and knew of NI as an instrument provider. For me, I love what I do. I believe as long as we like what we do, there’s no difference between doing something at work and doing something in our personal life.”


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