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Re: NI ELVIS III: The Engineering Lab Solution for Project Based Learning

To help ensure the success of future engineers, educators require a comprehensive teaching solution. That’s where NI ELVIS III comes inNI ELVIS III now offers an updated interface, new application boards, and software that helps students record measurements and obtain results faster. Educators can use these other new features to:



  • NI ELVIS PIC 1.jpgTeach measurements and IoT with the new Automated Measurements Board
  • Troubleshoot and use online, mobile-optimized instrumentation without installation
  • Teach controls using The MathWorks Simulink® software and the Quanser Controls Board
  • Teach analog and microelectronics with the TI Analog Electronics Board from Texas Instruments (available later this summer)


Digital Natives


Dave Wilson, vice president of Academic Marketing for NI, says students who are digital natives expect to learn in an environment that mirrors their own and prepares them for the future workforce. Schools can engage the best engineering students and stay ahead of industry changes if they use comprehensive platforms such as NI ELVIS III.

David Staack, associate professor, director, Engineering Laboratory Instruction at Texas A&M University, says, “The key to growing as a program without compromising on experiential learning is to greatly improve the utilization of laboratory equipment. NI ELVIS III enables us to schedule classes across engineering majors on the same equipment, improving utilization from 20% to 80%.” 


Doug Phillips quote.png





A Complete Teaching Platform


Engineering students can accelerate their innovation and discovery using NI ELVIS III, which contains Multisim™ and LabVIEW in one teaching platform. Software updates and add-ons also improve the mobile-user experience and reduce the entry barrier for courses.


Excellent , it will help Students community . Unless Students understands the simulation what he reads in theory it is an excellent model.


Paul Dayanidhi

Professor in MGMCET

Mahatham Gandhi Mission college of  Engineering and Technology

Kamothe Navi Mumbai