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Multisim Live is out of Beta!


Today is the big day:

Multisim Live is going out of Beta!

The announcement is going out today in the Academic Forum keynote beginning at 11:20 AM CDT. Join in on our livestream here!


It has been 9 months now since we released Multisim Live as a Beta product and we’ve learned A LOT from you. We’ve had our ups and downs, we’ve gotten feedback and made improvements, and, most impressively, you’ve created over 8000 circuits! Some of you have created new designs for work, a lot of you have designed circuits for homework, but all of us have one thing in common: a love for the art and design of electronics.


Today, I have the pleasure of flipping the switch and saying to the world: “Multisim Live is ready for you!” Some of you, our active users, may have questions on what exactly ‘going out of Beta’ means. Well I’m here to answer those questions.


What is actually changing?

We’re making a ton of improvements. Over the last few weeks we’ve:

  • Increased the Free component limit from 10 to 25 components
  • Added Parameter Sweep
  • Improved the grapher with cursors
  • Added the ability to create custom .model and .subcircuits for general components


How will the licensing model change?

We will now and forever have a free pricing model. You, as a professional, student, hobbyist, general electronics designer, can create, simulate, and share circuits with up to 25 components completely free. There are a few limitations including a limited set of simulation types and a limited set of components (don’t worry, it has nearly every ideal component you would need) but for your day-to-day simulation needs it more than gets the job done.

What is changing is that we are no longer giving away Premium for everyone to test and give feedback as we did in the Beta. Instead, Multisim Live Premium is designed for Multisim (for desktop) users who want to take their designing on-the-go. So if you already have an active license for Multisim we are giving you access to Multisim Live Premium with the same serial number you use for Multisim.

To learn more go to


What Does the Future Look Like?

I’ve been to the future and it looks and sounds great! Even better than this hastily-designed Mario theme created by one of our Multisim Live developers. I don’t want to spoil the surprise as we roll out new features but I do want to assure you that we take ALL of your feedback to heart and will roll out new features at a semi-regular pace for all of our users, free and premium.


Where can I go to ask questions?

I’m glad you’ve asked! Visit our Multisim Discussion Forums where we have a great group of engineers ready to help.

Brian H. -- Electronics & Measurements Product Marketing Manager