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Multisim Live Circuit Fundamentals Competition


Create a circuit on Multisim Live by April 2nd, 
and be entered to win an Analog Discovery 2!


What kind of circuit qualifies?

The goal of the competition is to increase the number of fundamental circuits available for use in university circuits courses around the world. Circuits should be those which demonstrate the fundamental knowledge used in basic to more advanced circuits courses such as power supplies, oscillators, filters, and amplifiers.

Need some inspiration? Find a circuits textbook from university such as Circuits by Ulaby and Maharbiz or The Art of Electronics by Horowitz and Hill and look in the index. All of the chapter titles or circuits within are excellent submissions.

Still need some ideas? See the "Circuit Ideas" section of this document for a good list of circuits to create.


How to submit a circuit:

  1. Sign up for Multisim Live at
  2. Click Create Circuit and start designing! See this YouTube series for a walk-through on creating a circuit in Multisim Live.
  3. Before finishing, make sure your circuit works and is able to display the desired behavior on the grapher. Remember, settings in the simulator will persist when saved so if you want students to see interactive simulation make sure you save the circuit while in interactive mode.
  4. When saving, create a title that effectively describes the circuit, add in additional information in the description, and tag the circuit with the appropriate tags and Circuit Fundamentals. See this example for an appropriate title, description, and tags.

Important: You must have Circuit Fundamentals as a tag or you will not be entered to win the Analog Discovery 2.


Criteria for winning the Analog Discovery 2:

  • Submit a fundamental circuit before April 2nd 2017.
  • Tag your circuit with Circuit Fundamentals.
  • Create a title and description which accurately describes the circuit that you have created.

See the following circuit for an example of a qualifying circuit:




  • All submissions will be evaluated whether they meet the criteria for a submission on April 2nd.
  • By April 10th two winners will be selected at random from eligible entries. There is no limit on the number of submissions per person.
  • We will contact you via your Multisim Live email if you have been selected as a winner.

Circuit Ideas:

Filter circuits

  • Passive RC, RLC filters
  • Active filters
  • Different filter architectures: Butterworth, Chebychev

Opamp circuits:

  • Amplifiers
  • Integrator
  • Differentiator
  • Comparitor


  • VCO
  • 555 circuits

Power Supplies

  • AC to DC
  • DC to AC
  • DC to DC
  • Voltage regulators


  • BJT amplifiers
  • MOSFET amplifiers


Important: This competition is subject to all the laws and regulations governing any applicable jurisdiction, including all United States federal, state and local laws and regulations, and the competition is void in any jurisdiction where it is prohibited or restricted by any such laws and regulations.

Brian H. -- Electronics & Measurements Product Marketing Manager