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Meet NI Engineer Andrea Vitez

Andrea Vitez.jpg


When do you first recall wanting to become an engineer?


It always made me happy when plans became reality step by step. When I was a little girl, I regularly rearranged my room. Every time it was a family event. I imagined a new layout and my parents helped me. Back then I had no idea that in 20 years this will be part of my job: observing, planning, and implementing.


How long have you been at NI and how did you get here?


I am a typical “NI kid” in the best sense of the word. I grew up here and became part of my company’s success. I started to work in production more than 13 years ago. I grew fond of the company culture, I enjoyed my work, and the chance for improvement. Inspired by all of this, I decided to major in Technical Management at University of Debrecen and completed my studies with the support of my company and belief in myself.


What's been your favorite project at NI?


I was “thrown in deep water” right at the beginning. I got a “simple” task as an Industrial Engineer: my team had to reorganize the whole Surface Mount Technology (SMT) area (7 SMT lines and almost 150 machines) in order to test and evaluate new SMT machines. And all of this took place during a regular production schedule. The project was successful and completed in time without any problems.


This year's theme is "Dream Big." Engineers engage their creativity and technical know-how to transform dreams into reality. What's your big dream?


When I was a child everyone asked me what  I would be when I grew up. I've recently found my answer to this question. I know it’s a little weird, but I have a true passion for huge forklifts, elevators, and cranes. One of my big dreams is participating in or coordinating a project that requires moving more than 100 tons of tools or machines. A job like this involves everything that is exciting for me: organizing, planning, teamwork, concentration, power, precision, problems, and solutions.


If a student asked you why they should pursue engineering, what would you say to inspire them?


The internet gained ground as Generation Y grew up, bringing great changes and opportunities to our lives. Generation Z followed, using the Internet sooner than starting to speak or walk. The flow of information, daily new input, new ideas, constant changes; this generation is used to all of this and already anticipates it as well. An engineering career can meet all their needs. Here it is possible to dream about the future and their will to act helps them to achieve their goals.


As a woman I see it as important to mention one more thing: In a profession dominated by men, once in awhile it is refreshing to see some girls who have chosen the engineering path to. Women are needed as engineers since there are only few of us at the moment who represent the “female essence” in this field.


To everyone: If you are thinking about pursuing an engineering career: The future is yours.


About Engineers Week

Engineers Week - the only event of its kind - is a time to:

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This post is a part of a series highlighting engineers from NI and their stories about how and why they became engineers.


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