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InsightCM™: Lower the Cost of Asset Health Monitoring​

Why Monitor?


For those in the reliability and maintenance space, asset monitoring can literally help keep the lights on or the production lines moving.  


If you’re not familiar with the concept of condition monitoring, here are the basics: production and manufacturing companies have assets (worth anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of dollars) that help generate electricity, produce plastic, make cars, and moreThese assets are typically essential parts of the production process 


An unexpected asset failure can potentially cause the entire production process to go down and result in unplanned downtime. Obviously, this isn’t an ideal situation, but this is where condition monitoring systems can help. Companies can install sensors and monitoring hardware at the edge to monitor vibration, temperature, and other variables 24/7 to catch failures before they occur. For the more expensive assets, the cost avoidance can be millions! 


Take Duke Energy for example. As the largest power generation company in the United States with more than 80 US plantsit clearly has a lot to monitorThe company implemented nearly 2,000 monitoring devices across 30 facilities to help continuously acquire, screen, and alarm on data. In addition to greatly streamlining a previously manual route-based maintenance program, Duke Energy achieved a 130 percent ROI based on the avoided costs from potential failures it caught and fixed early. That’s some awesome business value. 


duke energy blog.jpg



What’s new for InsightCM?


For the past few years, our teams at NI have used InsightCM and continuous NI Monitoring Devices to help Duke Energy and other companies address their condition monitoring challenges. As we’ve learned more about the needs of the maintenance engineers and reliability experts in this space, we’ve continued to develop new technologies to help address them.


Something we’re really excited about that integrates into the InsightCM offering is our new wireless monitoring hardware, which we’re launching at NIWeek 2019.



What does this mean for maintenance teams? Post-project, Duke Energy’s maintenance team realized that an estimated 75 percent of its project costs went toward wiring the sensors to the hardware instead of purchasing or maintaining the software or sensors. This seems ridiculously high, but it’s a consistent cost burden across the industry.


Some industries, such as the nuclear industry, have very specific regulations about the type of cabling and conduit that can be installed within a facility, which means the cost of installing conduit in these locations can sometimes top hundreds of dollars—per foot! With the new wireless hardware, companies can lower the total cost of installing a monitoring system because the wiring and cabling costs are drastically reduced. That means they can see a return on their investment faster.


How can InsightCM help?


InsightCM is condition monitoring software for maintenance and reliability professionals who want to remotely diagnose potential asset health issues. We won’t go into too much detail here, but these top three features support remote diagnostics for maintenance team productivity.


  1. Web client access—A core part of InsightCM is the server that’s either installed on premises or in the cloud. Maintenance engineers can access machine health data by logging into the server from any web browser.
  2. Full access to a wide range of monitoring sensory data—InsightCM acquires waveform data and can be integrated with a wide variety of monitoring sensory technologies, such as vibration, EMSA, MCSA, and thermography. Since all this data is accessible through a web browser, maintenance experts can diagnose without needing to physically travel to the asset. This can greatly boost productivity, considering that some plants and facilities are located many miles away (often in the middle of nowhere) from the maintenance and diagnostics centers.
  3. Intelligent alarming—Continuous NI Monitoring Devices are deployed at the location of the asset and have onboard processing capability to continuously acquire and analyze asset health data around the clock. If a potential machine health issue is detected, InsightCM can notify the experts through email so that the issue can be investigated as soon as possible.


What’s next?


InsightCM and the new wireless hardware can empower companies to acquire better data and more effectively monitor their assets, which results in quantifiable business value for the organization.


If your company is ready for the next generation of condition monitoring, learn more about the new wireless monitoring hardware and InsightCM and check out our demos and sessions at NIWeek 2019!