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IRS Sent Me a Gift


I work with global partners on a daily basis and they often send me cool new hardware and software to try out to prepare for upcoming tradeshows and workshops. So I was only partially surprised when I got a package labeled IRS in the mail. How’s that for click bait? Ingeneria Ricerca Sistemi (IRS) is an Engineering, Research and Development company founded by a group of engineers in 1993. They work on a wide array of diverse projects that span Education, Research and Industry. In an effort to get some more eyes on their myRSD product for myRIO I asked (really begged) to have one. Well here it is!




Those two ribbon cables connect to the MXP ports on the myRIO and allows for connection and control of EV3 and NXT sensors and actuators. You can connect 2 motors 2 analog, I2C and digital sensors and 2 encoders.


IMG_smaller 2.jpg


Obviously I keep a container full of EV3 sensors and actuators at my desk so I decided to test this board out.


IMG_smaller 3.jpg


First up is a push button (first sensor I could grab, this is speed building!), using the ready built example program IRS designed I was able to get a button count displayed!


Testing the button blog pic.png


Next up is getting a motor to work. Fortunately, there is a prebuilt VI for this too! Unfortunately, this was a bit longer than the button press since a good practice for motors is to stop them before turning off the program.


IMG_smaller 5.jpg


motor test blog pic.png


Regardless, the ease of use completely blew me away! Within a couple minutes of opening the box I was able to get results. Now, with my new found confidence, I wanted to try combining things. I decided to make it so that pressing the button would cause the motor to spin.

 IMG_smaller 4.jpg


The code was a combination of thetwo examples I ran with a quick comparison "Select" function to switch between a duty cycle of 0 and 50.


Motor with button blog pic.png


Worked like a charm! 



This was a great test drive! Everything just worked the first time and now I want to build something more complicated. (Maybe a quick robot??). I'll make sure to keep you all updated. This is Impulse Response!


Learn more about our partner IRS Here

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