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HIL Software Supporting Autonomous Vehicle Testing

As cars increasingly move toward more connected and autonomous operation (10 million self-driving cars are expected on the road by 2020), today’s engineers are forced to keep up with complex test system requirements that are changing faster than ever, integrating new technologies like radar and cameras, as well as handle the rising number of testing scenarios.


We, along with our global team of support and integration partners, are working to deliver turnkey test systems that meet your specific requirements and “future-proof” systems using the most open and customizable HIL platformon the market: VeriStand and our HIL systems.


VeriStand 2016, the latest version of our real-time testing software, is the core of our HIL systems. It combines real-time simulation, data acquisition, communication protocols, and control into a common platform. Unlike traditional HIL software that is defined by the vendor and hard to modify, VeriStand can easily be extended and customized to meet your particular test requirements.

 VeriStand adds HIL test features for autonomous vehicles


With the newest release of the software you can:

  • Achieve complete test coverage by taking advantage of the full breadth of our I/O, including RF and camera processing
  • Use models from more than 30 different modeling tool and simulation environments to test ECUs for the latest embedded software trends
  • Quickly create professional looking UIs and interact more efficiently with live tests using the completely redesigned UI manager
  • Connect with third-party hardware and software through the industry-standard ASAM XIL API
  • Work more efficiently with extremely large models using the improved model handling engine


With VeriStand and our open HIL systems, you can tackle the increasing complexity of embedded software and the rising number of testing scenarios required by next-generation autonomous vehicles, such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automotive radar, and vehicle-to-everything (V2X).


Learn more about HIL systems for the automotive industry and follow VeriStand news in real-time, on our community blog.