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Get Ready to Roll Up Your Sleeves and Learn

NIWeek is a one-of-a-kind learning experience that provides unique opportunities for you to develop new skills with the help of technical experts, connect with peers in your industry, and get inspired to tackle your biggest technical challenges. You can even take courses and earn certifications at a discount. Whether you are an NI platform beginner or an advanced user with a certification, you can grow your skills, network, and career with the following learning opportunities at NIWeek 2019. 



Skills Development Tracks 


Software Engineering Processes, Architecture, and Design (SEPAD) Track: If your team is striving to enact better software engineering processes, write modular and scalable code, develop a flexible hardware abstraction layer, design a truly usable UI, or improve reuse with TestStand, the SEPAD Track offers invaluable sessions on key challenges that engineers face today. This track also features minitracks, so you can immerse yourself in one topic over several sessions or the entire day. 


Software Fundamentals Track: From best practices in using out-of-the-box NI application software to programming strategies when developing with a software IDE, these sessions offer key foundational tenets to help you successfully create basic applications and extend your knowledge. Also explore error-handling essentials and get an introduction to object-oriented programming in this track. 


Hardware Technology Track: Engineers from a wide range of industries use NI hardware to be more productive and innovative. This track features best practices for using NI hardware and explores some of the fundamental technologies involved. With topics ranging from signal integrity to vision system deployment, IoT communication buses, and DAQ signal synchronization, these sessions can help you make the most of the NI tools and technologies you use every day.


Additional Learning Opportunities  


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Training Test-Drives: Sample the next step in your learning path at NIWeek and develop a valuable, applicable skill with our new hands-on training test-drives.


Access to Customer Education Experts: Take the guesswork out of learning. Talk to an NI customer education expert in the Exhibit Hall about your workflow and application to find the best learning path for you. 


Certification Prep Sessions: Attend a free certification preparation session at NIWeek to start studying for an exam or squeeze in a last-minute review. Explore the certification requirements, preparation guides, sample exams, and solutions with a certification development engineer.​ 


Discounted Courses: Beat the rush and save money by jump-starting your NIWeek with a NI customer education course at a discount. Add the course you wish to take when you register.  


Discounted Certification: Get recognized for building high-quality test and measurement applications with NI software by earning your certification at a discount during NIWeek. Add the certification you wish to take when you register.  


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Seats are limited for each course, so be sure to reserve your seat. 

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