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Focusing on the Future of our Customers and Community


As I begin my role as CEO and we kick off 2017, I’m excited and honored to have the opportunity to reach out to you, our global and loyal community, and thank you for your continued business over the last 40 years. Much like when I first started working here 23 years ago, I am energized by how you are making the world a better place through your innovation based on our software-centric platform.


But getting down to business, if I were to summarize my priority moving forward into one word, it would be FOCUS. The focus is on you, our customers and community, and our ability to help you drive rapid innovation.


  • Focus on Innovation—I am committed to innovation; it’s a key differentiator that allows you to stay ahead of your competitors and allows us to deliver value to you in the short, medium, and long terms.
  • Focus on Relationships—I am also committed to strengthening our relationships with you, our customers. For 40 years, we’ve invested in strong customer relationships. This has kept us grounded in your challenges and focused on ensuring that our platform can meet and exceed your needs.
  • Focus on Customer Success—As we move forward, customer success will remain central to achieving our goals. We remain committed to supporting a vibrant partner and community culture that values the power of engineering. 

We should all be proud of the impact we’ve collectively had on the engineering community over the last 40 years. The resulting improvements in everyday life that we have had through science and engineering innovations can be felt around the globe.


I would also like to personally invite you to join us at NIWeek, our global users conference, in Austin, Texas, May 22–25. It is going to be an exciting time with lots of new solutions to explore as you continue driving that rapid innovation the world needs. There will also be opportunities to talk directly to me and my leadership; we’ll be hosting forums during the week to listen to your questions and ideas.


I am excited and honored to be the CEO, and I look forward to working with all of you to continue these efforts going forward.