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Fleetwide Monitoring


What maintenance manager wouldn’t want to predict asset failure, rather than deal with catastrophic and costly repairs after the fact?


A predictive strategy that continuously acquires data from systems and compares it to baseline normal behaviors in areas like vibration and power consumption can pinpoint failures before they happen. 


The proof is in these US dollars per horsepower (HP) numbers from EPRI (based on pump maintenance):  

  • Predictive maintenance strategy: $9 per HP
  • Reactive maintenance strategy: $17 per HP 
  • Scheduled maintenance strategy: $24 per HP 

NI InsightCM is an open, scalable, and cost-effective solution that delivers data for operation and maintenance programs.

Need more proof?

  • Workforce optimization: Online condition monitoring helps ensure that the limited specialized personnel are spending maximal time on the highest value tasks such as assessing required maintenance rather than low-value tasks such as traveling to assets, setting up tests, and recording data. 
  • Fewer gaps in data: Online condition monitoring ensures data accuracy and provides continuous data collection. Manual measurements offer only a few snapshots of manually recorded data for any given asset every month, if any at all, which increases the possibly of data errors or missed events. 

  • Improved diagnostics: By using a single database with online condition monitoring, more historical trend and baseline data is available for predicting faults with greater statistical significance. This ensures consistent analysis and eliminates reliance on the experience and knowledge of an equipment specialist. 

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