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Flashback Friday: NI Engineering Impact Awards 2016


The National Instruments Engineering Impact Awards recognize engineers and students who excelled in developing systems that solve problems across a range of categories.

The 2016 Engineering Impact Awards received nearly 100 submissions from almost 200 authors around the globe. NI’s technical panel of experts reviewed the papers and narrowed it down to just 15.

And the winners are… 


2016 Customer Application of the Year

The University of Bristol and Lund University used the NI MIMO Prototyping System to test the feasibility of massive MIMO as a viable technology for bringing greater than 10X capacity gains to future 5G networks. In doing so, they implemented the world’s first live demonstration of a 128-antenna, real-time massive MIMO testbed and set two world records in spectrum efficiency.

Their massive win at the 2016 Engineering Impact Awards must be another new world record, as they took home five separate awards in recognition of their 5G wireless achievement!

Not only did Bristol & Lund win the 2016 Customer Application Award of the year, they were also the winner of the Wireless Communications Award, the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Big Analog Data Award, the Xilinx FPGA Award, and a special Engineering Grand Challenges Award sponsored by NI’s Dr. T himself for their commitment to grand engineering challenges.

Congratulations to PhD student Paul Harris and Steffen Malkowsky for their success at the 2016 Engineering Impact Awards!


Taking home the Transportation and Heavy Equipment Award for their amazing work with cross rail and having worked with Bombardier on this project, is Frazer Nash UK

Authored by Senior Consultant, Colin Freeman, the paper explains how model-based design techniques were used to optimize everything from requirements capture and validation, through design and on to validation and verification testing, at a sub-system and system level. 

The test facility Train Zero uses NI VeriStand and PXI for both integration testing of train systems and validation of the models, allowing any changes made to models to easily be revalidated in the same environment they would be running in later.


Congrats to Colin Freeman! Train Zero won Transport category in #NIWeek 2016 Engineering Impact Awards

The proud owners of the Intel Internet of Things Award are V2i from Belgium. They created a real-time measurement and diagnostic tool to determine welding quality and avoid unplanned production stops due to weld tearing developed with help of NI’s CompactRIO hardware and several sensors. 


There were many more amazing projects this year that inspired us about the social impact of engineering! Every year we are blown-away by the creativity, especially that of the young engineers, so NI shines a spotlight on these bright and talented people in theStudent Design Competition Award.

You can check out the amazing work of all three Student Design finalists here: 

But this year’s winner was University of Leeds with Project ALAN. This multidisciplinary team are helping stroke-survivors regain lost muscle control with a commercially-viable, robotic rehabilitation system.


Team ALAN with the people who helped make it happen!

Check out all the category winners and finalists and read their award-winning papers here:

Congratulations to all winners!