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Expanding our VST Product Family: X-Band to Ka-Band Applications

As the electromagnetic spectrum rapidly evolves to keep up with expanding requirements in areas like the electronic battlefield and SATCOM, engineers need to reduce the time it takes to prototype, validate, and test radar and communication systems at higher frequency bands.


product shot VST.png

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our VST product family to provide frequency coverage up to 44 GHz. The PXIe-5831VST with modular mmWave heads helps address time-to-market challenges for X-band, Ku-band and Ka-band radar, as well as satellite communications (SATCOM) components and systems.


Our VST products now deliver 1 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth for generation and analysis and features a high-performance FPGA, so users can perform faster and optimized measurements, inline signal processing, and high-speed data transfer.


It also enables multichannel beamformer and phased-array measurements without the need for additional infrastructure. The PXIe-5831 allows for direct RF generation and analysis from 5 to 21 GHz, with modular mmWave heads further expanding coverage to include frequencies from 23 to 44 GHz with integrated and calibrated switching for up to 32 channels.


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Combined with our modular instrumentation portfolio, the productivity and flexibility of LabVIEW software (including the FPGA module), and a vibrant ecosystem of partners, engineers can adapt to fast-changing technology and demanding technical requirements to deliver new systems on time and on budget.


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