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Engineering: Beyond Bridges and Buildings


Engineering has powerful impacts in the world around us. Engineers don’t just build bridges or circuits - we encounter ways to improve the world and we build things to do just that.


In Honduras, our Planet NI Program works with Engineering World Health (EWH) to provide our Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (ELVIS) II prototyping boards and other educational tools for biomedical equipment technicians (BMETs). Technicians use these tools to learn how to design and troubleshoot electronic circuits, then apply their skills in clinical environments to repair life-saving medical equipment.


The Planet NI team, celebrating the success our ELVIS II brought to Honduran hospitals.

A lack of functional medical equipment is a major barrier to quality healthcare in many developing countries like Honduras. Published studies have shown that trained BMETs at Honduran hospitals have reduced the amount of out-of-service medical equipment in the hospitals by 30 percent compared to a control group.

We’re so happy this is having a positive impact.


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