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Empowering Future-Proof Test Organizations Through Standardization

Aerospace and defense organizations need to determine whether the status quo is the right choice for a future of growth. The industry's positive track record begs the question, "if it''s not broken, why fix it?" But the industry should ask, "Is this approach sustainable?"


34493_Bloomy_2018_506x253.jpgCustomers are demanding new technology in modern aircraft, trends like electrification are taking deeper hold, and companies continue to invest in international talent and global development sites. All of these things require aerospace and defense test organizations to continually balance their needs for test coverage, project schedule, and budget. 


To satisfy these competing demands, they customize their solutions to fully control timelines and technical risk, but this comes at a cost. They ultimately must choose between running over budget, paying overtime, committing more resources to a problem, or postponing needed test system upgrades to try to meet project deadlines.


Thrive or survive?


The difference between thriving with a sustainable competitive advantage and struggling to survive lie with an organization's ability to standardize test by using the same technology and tools across the development cycle, applications, and job sites. 


The least attractive choice for these organizations is compromising on test coverage and living with the possibility that they missed something or released an inferior product. This constant tension has been the status quo of the aerospace and defense industry, and, though it's not ideal, it has inspired remarkable successes. 


Standardization maximizes an investment from project to project and test to test. This sustainable approach is the hallmark of truly future-proof aerospace and defense organizations. 


Based on our 40-year history of working with leading aerospace and defense companies and suppliers, NI engineers have created a platform broad enough to span the needs of various industries but nimble enough to be tailored to specific application requirements. 


By investing in a platform-based approach featuring commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology, aerospace and defense corporations can meet their standardization goals without sacrificing knowledge of the underlying technology.


Empower standardization at your company.

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