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EIA Aerospace and Defense Winner

Today we continue to highlight our 2016 Engineering Impact Awards (EIAs) winners. The contest had nearly 100 submissions from almost 200 authors around the globe, but there were only 8 winners. 


Shunichi Futatsumori, Surveillance and Communications Department, Electronic Navigation Research Institute (ENRI), Nationa..., won the EIA Aerospace and Defense Award for his work creating a system that detects small debris on airport runways. 


You may remember the 2000 Concorde accident at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Because it was caused by a small metallic plate on the runway, the detection of foreign object debris (FODs) has become an important issue for airports around the world. 

Shunichi used our PXI platform and FlexRIO to achieve the real-time radar signal processing based on the FPGA hardware clock with a high-data throughput rate. LabVIEW code was used for the radar signal processing to reduce the development time by 90 percent that of the conventional programming method. 


Going forward, Shunichi plans to modify the award-winning prototype system to achieve a more practical FOD detection system that can be deployed on a larger scale and cover full runways.

Congratulations, Shunichi! 


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