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EIA Advanced Research Winner




The 2016 Engineering Impact Awards (EIAs) received nearly 100 submissions from almost 200 authors around the globe. Our technical panel of experts had the challenging job of narrowing it down to just 15, and naming 8 winners.


Jeffery Bouchard of Biostage, was named the EIA Advanced Research winner. Biostage has been active in regenerative medicine since 2010 and its Cellframe™ technology is based on more than 20 years of scientific progress in the fields of tissue engineering and cell biology.


So what exactly earned Jeffery this award? His work enabled the first truly personalized approach to organ regeneration. Specifically, the challenge was to create a clinical-grade controller solution that met the ever-changing needs in the development of bioengineered organ implants for life-threatening conditions.


To accomplish this, Jeffery used LabVIEW software, CompactRIO hardware, and our Requirements Gateway software to develop controller solutions. These solutions deliver the complex and precise functionality required in the regeneration of organs, the traceability required by the medical regulatory bodies, and the flexibility to support a continuous development process from proof of concept to clinical trial.


Not only did his work earn him the Advanced Research title, but Jeffery was also awarded the 2016 Humanitarian Award for this life-changing research.


Congratulations, Jeffery and Biostage! 


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