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Breaking Out of the dSPACE Black Box

NI has heard from several customers who are concerned about the lifetime support of their current dSPACE PHS HIL systems and are looking for alternative solutions. While we can’t speak for dSPACE and the lifecycles of their product lines, we do think that the automotive test market is changing in ways that make it hard for black box systems to keep up with system complexity and rapidly changing requirements. We’ve heard this first-hand from test engineers across the supply chain as the importance of system flexibility, open software, and automation continue to rise.

If you’re a dSPACE user, we realize that we may not talk often, so we’d like to take this opportunity to discuss how your current models and infrastructure can be reused in a more open, platform-based approach and why NI is a trusted solution for automotive leaders around the world.


Open the black box and have confidence in what makes your test system tick


Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology ensures your tests rest on the most capable tools in the marketplace, placing the burden of part obsolescence and maintenance costs on the vendor, not you. We’ve adopted standards like ASAM XIL so you can continue to leverage your existing infrastructure.


You should be able to customize both hardware and software as you see fit


A platform based approach recognizes that you’re the expert and allows you to customize with the tools you prefer. Full ownership of your system means never having to pay to unlock features or for engineering services to tap into a closed system.


Closed vs Platform .png


You know your system best, and you know the best way to test it

Test systems based on an open architecture can arrive built to your specifications and can be customized as test requirements change. Hardware designed for camera, radar, and mixed I/O sensors can be paired with your software preference from C to LabVIEW to Python with model integration from over 20 different environments.


We realize that you face the daunting task of changing your system and learning new tools. Make sure this is the last time you find yourself in this situation by partnering with a company that puts you in control.



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