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Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2018

Automotive Testing Expo (ATE) Europe is the world’s leading trade fair for automotive test, evaluation, and quality engineering. The event showcases the latest technology and services designed to ensure that the highest standards are met in product quality, reliability, durability, and safety.


With this incoming change, we expect a tremendous amount of focus on autonomous vehicles and the connectivity across all vehicles. The soon-to-be deployed world of 5G will also play a critical role. When you begin to combine autonomous vehicles, vehicle connectivity, and 5G, you get a compelling, important, and pivotal expo that ushers in the new world of the automotive industry.




What to Watch For


We’re watching for three things at ATE Europe:


  1.  Electric Vehicles

Electronic Vehicles (EVs) are higher performing, quieter, safer, and more responsive. They have zero emission and are simpler with fewer moving components and points of failure. They also have lower maintenance and driving cost. EVs give design engineers new and exciting freedoms because they can remove or simplify heavy, complex, and expensive components like the internal combustion engine and associated belt-driven systems, the exhaust and catalytic converter, and the transmission.


  1.  Autonomous Vehicles and Advanced Driver-Assistant Systems

New vehicles integrate technology that helps them provide advanced driver-assistant systems (ADAS) functionality and will eventually lead to fully autonomous operation. These technologies like radar, camera, and RF communication will work together with a sensor fusion approach to give the vehicle a more complete view of the world around it. Although these technologies may be new for automotive engineers, NI has been working with them for decades in different industries and natively supports all the I/O types that need to be tested in today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles.


  1.  Vehicle-to-Everything Communication

The emergence of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication for connected cars is demanding a new test framework that can address the rapidly expanding compliance and certification requirements related to connectivity protocols and sensor control algorithms in real time. V2X communication encompasses both vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications. When it comes to V2X communication, there is a shift away from traditional automotive test systems to perform validation and on-road assessment in real-life situations.


Follow Us for Updates


We’ll be on the ground at ATE Europe reporting on these topics as well as trends emerging from the show! Follow @NIglobal for updates.