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Announcing: Time-Sensitive Networking Testbed with the IIC

 We’ve helped develop the world’s first Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) testbed, designed to demonstrate the value of new Ethernet IEEE 802 standards in an ecosystem of manufacturing applications. TSN powers a standard, open network infrastructure supporting multivendor interoperability and integration, delivering new network infrastructure supporting the future of the IIoT.


The tech

The technology can support real-time control and synchronization - for example, between motion applications and robots, over a single Ethernet network. TSN can simultaneously support other common traffic found in manufacturing applications, driving convergence between IT and operational technologies. Previously, many real-time control applications were deployed using nonstandard network infrastructure or unconnected networks that leave the devices and data much harder to access, if accessible at all. TSN’s value is derived from driving convergence and increased connectivity, unlocking the critical data needed to achieve the IIoT promise of improved operations driven by big data analytics and enabling new business models based on smart connected systems and machines.


The testbed

The TSN testbed will:

  • Combine different critical control traffic (such as OPC UA) and best-effort     traffic flows on a single, resilient network based on IEEE 802.1 TSN     standards
  • Demonstrate TSN’s real-time capability and vendor interoperability using standard, converged Ethernet
  • Assess the security value of TSN and provide feedback on the ability to secure initial TSN functions
  • Show ability for the IIoT to incorporate high-performance and latency-sensitive applications
  • Deliver integration points for smart real-time edge cloud control systems into IIoT infrastructure and application


The team

We designed the tested in collaboration with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and industry leaders Bosch Rexroth, Cisco, Intel, KUKA, Schneider Electric, and TTTech. Our collective thinking: to support new digital capabilities, connected manufacturing, designers and users need more reliabile and secure access to smart edge devices. Standard network technologies must evolve to meet the demanding requirements of these next-gen industrial systems and improve the way we operate our machines, electrical grids, and transportation systems.


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