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Announcing The 2018 Engineering Impact Award Finalists


The Engineering Impact Awards is an annual contest in which engineers, scientists, and researchers from around the globe submit their most impactful and technically challenging applications created with our software and hardware. Every year we showcase a magnificent array of applications to highlight the impact these projects have on science and engineering, industry, and the world as we know it. This year is no different.


Find out more about this year’s outstanding finalists.




Aerospace and Defense


With increasing complexity, aerospace and defense technology needs to meet strict and growing demands, which means engineers require smarter solutions. Meet our 2018 finalists, Seastema SpA and Saab.



Electronics and Semiconductor


The rapid increase in smarter systems and advanced wireless networks has advanced the electronics and semiconductor industries, so engineers and researchers must address increasingly feature-rich and complex ICs. Introducing JKI and PDF Solutions, and NewPath Research.





Energy is a complex field with a broad array of challenges. Engineers from Houlder and Cepel are addressing some of these challenges with truly innovative solutions.



Industrial Machinery


2018 finalists, Materialise and Omiga Technology, gave us insight into how they designed solutions to address increasing demand for higher productivity and shorter design times.





Research institutions and laboratories, including this year’s finalists, AIST and Taiyo Corporation, and KU Leuven, commit their resources to scientific and engineering research. This helps drive the refinement of prototypes aimed at developing commercially viable processes and products, and the investigation and validation of conceptual technologies.





This year’s transportation finalists, PantoInspect, Siemens, and TU Wien, have created applications that will have major impacts on the automotive and rail transport industries.



Featured Awards


All the finalists listed above are eligible for this year’s featured awards, in addition to Coventry University and University College London, and CRRC for their outstanding applications. This year’s featured awards are the Chairman’s Award presented by Dr. James Truchard, the Humanitarian Award presented by Jeff Kodosky, and the Internet of Things Award presented by Intel.



Our chosen finalists are great examples of the opportunities that exist when you combine our powerful platform with your curiosity, domain expertise, and innovation.


Stay tuned during NIWeek 2018 where we will announce this year’s winners!