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Announcing: NI-RFmx 2.2 Measurement Software for 4.5G Test



Introducing: the NI-RFmx 2.2, our latest release in advanced measurement software for PXI RF test systems, announced at Mobile World Congress 2017 this morning. The NI-RFmx 2.2 reduces measurement time by up to 33%.


When used with our second-generation PXI Vector Signal Transceiver (VST), you can:


  • Test 4.5G and 5G RF components like transceivers and amplifiers using a wide range of carrier aggregation schemes (even as the 5G standard is still being defined)
  • Simultaneously generate and measure up to 32 LTE carriers, each with 20 MHz of bandwidth, and use the software to specify a variety of carrier spacing schemes.
  • Benefit from algorithm improvements reducing measurement time (modulation quality and spectral measurements for wireless technologies like UMTS/HSPA+ and LTE/LTE-Advanced Pro can see EVM measurement time reductions of up to 33%)
  • Have enhanced support for measurements like intermodulation distortion, third order intercept, and both Y-factor and cold source noise figure measurements


Our measurement speed improvements in NI-RFmx are part of our continued efforts to help lower the cost of test!


Check out our new NI-RFmx 2.2 >>>


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