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Announcing Measurement Studio 2015: Move From Design to Deployment in Visual Studio 2013


Measurement Studio continues to equip programmers with the latest tools for development and visualization. Now featuring a native deployment tool based on Microsoft Windows Installer distribution technology, Measurement Studio 2015 also introduces support for .NET framework 4.5.1, new WPF user interface controls for digital and mixed graphs, and enhanced TDMS functionality. NI Measurement Studio 2015 integrates into Visual Studio 2013, 2012 and 2010 to provide engineers with a complete suite of tools for building and deploying professional engineering applications to acquire, analyze, and display measurement data.

MStudio WPF UI.png

Top New Features in Measurement Studio 2015:

  • Visual Studio 2013 Support
    Easily migrate Measurement Studio .NET applications to Visual Studio 2013 and start taking advantage of Visual Studio 2013 features.

  • Installer Builder
    Build Windows installers to deploy .NET and Visual C++ applications, including required dependencies such as NI drivers, using an intuitive user interface.

  • New Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Controls
    Display and manipulate data using new Digital Graph, Mixed Graph, and TimeStamp TextBox controls.

  • Updated TDMS Functionality
    Write to multiple TDMS files at the same time with removed global locking.

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