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Announcing: ATE Core Configurations


We’re excited to announce ATE Core Configurations, providing mechanical, safety, and power infrastructure - all in one.


The problem for test organizations


Test orgs often employ standardization to ensure high product quality at increasingly low costs. Standardization optimizes the cost and unique value of a company, in an era of converged devices.




Standardization requires test organizations to find:


  • A common set of instruments for stimulating and measuring signals from their device
  • Safety infrastructure that adheres to global standards
  • Power infrastructure that can receive power in any grid
  • Test executive for scripting measurements and reporting
  • Robust mechanical infrastructure


In addition, companies need to find the right vendors to globally support their systems and manage the lifecycle of each component.


Our solution: ATE Core Configurations


ATE Core Configurations help you lower your total cost of designing, procuring, owning, deploying, and maintaining test systems!

ATE CC.png


Instead of forcing the you to track down hundreds of components from a slew of vendors, our ATE Core Configurations provide mechanical, safety, and power infrastructure all in one. They’re complemented by our industry-leading modular PXI hardware (more than 600 modules from DC to mmWave) and powered by our complete software portfolio, led by TestStand and LabVIEW.


You can leverage ATE Core Configurations as the platform for your standardization efforts. They give you the opportunity to customize as needed for each geography, department, or product line within your company.


How you can benefit from ATE Core Configurations


Our advisors put the convenience of customization in your hands and our manufacturing team will factory-install all equipment as you specify. Plus, the preinstalled software on the system controller will save valuable time.


After assembled, we package ATE Core Configurations in ruggedized shipping containers and deliver to your doorstep with the fast lead times you’ve come to expect from us. And if you need a turn-key system delivered and maintained, our global network of Alliance Partners is standing by to meet your needs!



Check out our new ATE Core Configurations >>>