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ATO 2017: Optimizing Test Organizations

Product testing has been historically viewed as a support function during the product development and manufacturing process - so many companies have chosen to invest more in areas of “strategic” value like product development and sales enablement. This leaves the test organization fragmented, outmatched to meet business requirements, and outdated with old technologies and methodologies that often create bottlenecks for the business.




But test is critical because it validates a product’s performance, reduces development time, and lowers return rates. By catching defects earlier in the dev cycle and capturing data to improve product design and process, test actually delivers significant value and cost savings to the business when invested in proactively.


An emerging trend for electronics manufacturing companies: using product test for competitive differentiation.


How does this strategic realignment improve business’ bottom line?


Read the “Optimizing Test Organizations” section of our 2017 Automated Test Outlook (ATO) report >>>