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ATO 2017: Driven by Necessity - Technology Convergence in the Automotive Industry


Safety regulations and software are pushing hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test to the forefront of transportation manufacturing in an increasingly software-driven world. Using test capabilities designed looking in the “rearview mirror” won’t get you very far.


Driven by Necessity.png


To keep up with feature-demand while preserving the quality of the overall system, test capabilities must grow accordingly. Simply adding more test bandwidth will not suffice; test managers need to adopt advanced HIL test technology and new techniques. HIL solutions help drive down test costs without sacrificing the growing quality requirements inherent with new innovations.


We understand that developing and testing embedded software with an emphasis on quality can strain the balance of business needs.

Get ahead of the curve and read more about this technology convergence in our 2017 Automated Test Outlook (ATO) report >>>