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ANNOUNCING: The 2018 Engineering Impact Award Winners


 IMG_6171.jpegWe know you’ve been eager to find out who’s been named as our 2018 Engineering Impact Award winners at NIWeek. Well, the wait is finally over!


At this year’s awe-inspiring event, we recognized the outstanding achievements of our winners, and our finalists, who are using NI technology to change the world.



Application of the Year


Our Application of the Year is also our transportation winner. TU Wien created an application that tests the performance of full-scale urban vehicular communication networks in a lab setting. Researchers combined mobility models, graph theory, and channel modeling with the flexibility of the USRP-2953R device and LabVIEW Communications to reproduce the performance of vehicular ad-hoc networks under heavy urban load in the lab.




Aerospace and Defence


Congratulations, Saab! The use of our technology has allowed them to elevate the testing of the world’s most cost-effective fighter plane. Their team reduced cost and ensured maximum flexibility by joining NI in piloting its Switch Load and Signal Conditioning (SLSC) system, rather than developing a custom system.




Electronics and Semiconductor


The winner, NewPath Research LLC, has implemented our technology into their operations, allowing them to develop a system that will support the semiconductor industry as it progresses to the new sub-10 nm lithography nodes. The technique they developed uses LabVIEW and a PXIe-5668R vector signal analyzer to determine the carrier concentration at the sub-nm tunneling junction.






Cepel won this category by developing a modular instrumentation system (IMA-DP) for online monitoring using our technology. Because they based the system on the PXI architecture, the system is scalable, flexible, and fully integrable with other monitoring systems. This system is being used in two of the largest Brazilian hydroelectric plants!




Industrial Machinery


Combining CompactRIO and LabVIEW allowed Materialise to develop a ready-to-start software-driven, embedded controller platform for laser-based 3D printing applications. Researchers and engineers can build and improve additive manufacturing processes that are ready for industrial use to support innovation, research, and new applications in the market. Their work will revolutionize 3D printing and standardize this manufacturing technology, and their innovative application has made them the 2018 winner in this category.






Using LabVIEW Communications System, to address the challenges of 5G wireless communication, the Internet of Things (IoT), and new applications such as car-to-car communication, researchers from KU Leuven have created a network of software defined radios (SDR). These SDRs can simultaneously transmit data and detect the presence of harmful interference using a technique called in-band full duplex, avoiding wasted resources by aborting the ongoing transmission if it detects interference.




A round of applause


IMG_6172.jpegCongratulations to the finalists and the winners of this year’s Engineering Impact Awards! They should all be proud of their incredible work. These awards showcase the inspiring applications that are made possible when the power of our platforms is harnessed and coupled with innovation.  


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