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ADAS iiT NI Alliance Partner Spotlight: Konrad Technologies GmbH


Konrad Technologies GmbH

Founded: 1993

Headquarters: Radolfzell, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

NI Alliance Partner duration: 21 years

NI Alliance Partner level: Platinum

Capabilities brought to the ADAS iiT: Validation


Konrad Technologies GmbH was founded 24 years ago, with a focus on high-speed computing hardware. The Konrad team quickly began focusing on automotive test – and developed an expertise in the industry.


“Today I’d say we’ve tested everything in the car,” Konrad founder Michael Konrad said. “If you rent a car for a few days, I’m sure there’s a part in that car that we’ve tested already.”


Michael_Konrad_Headshot.pngMichael Konrad, CEO of Konrad Technologies GmbH, speaking about the ADAS iiT partnership at Automotive Test Expo (ATE) Europe in 2017.


Konrad’s big focus today is advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) testing, in response to the enormous demand for test systems that can test the whole sensor fusion system built into smart vehicles. The race toward autonomous (self-driving) vehicles has made sensor fusion testing a fast-growing market, and there’s not much equipment available for this right now.


That led Konrad to lead the formation of the ADAS iiT in 2017 – a collaboration between four German companies/NI Alliance Partners.


“If you want to have autonomous cars by 2020, some very fast progress needs to be made,” Konrad said. “To move that fast you need powerful test equipment that can move that fast and validate all these new sensors. Konrad Technologies can’t do everything, not that quickly – so we leveraged NI’s Alliance Partner network to form a collaborative solution for ADAS test with three other German NI Alliance Partners specializing in key components of the solution: SET GmbH for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing, SEA GmbH for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication, and measX GmbH for massive data collecting and computing.”


Konrad’s solutions and leadership has helped bring the ADAS iiT solution, built on NI’s open hardware and software platform, to the forefront of the automotive test market internationally.


“Companies need the specialization that comes from each member of this collaboration, and the efficiency that comes from this integrated solution,” Konrad said. “In my opinion there’s no system on the market like ADAS iiT.”


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