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ADAS iiT: Industry-Leading Collaboration for Automotive Test

 Jamie Smith, our Business and Technology Director, talks about the importance of sensor fusion in automotive testing at NIWeek 2017


What’s ADAS iiT?


The demand for advanced driver systems (ADAS) test capabilities leading to fully-autonomous driving cars requires comprehensive test systems that can combine the inputs of all car sensors (“sensor fusion”).


To address that challenge and innovate more quickly, our partners Konrad Technologies GmbH, SET GmbH, S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH, and measX GmbH started the collaboration ADAS iiT (innovation in tech) to work hand-in-hand.


ADAS iiT’s mission: to combine knowledge and skills to design scalable and future-proof ADAS solutions based on our NI software and hardware platform. 


ADAS iiT Sensor Fusion.png


Getting sensor fusion testing off the road = safer, more effective


Active safety systems require millions of miles of test drives to meet their safety requirements. But acquiring road data is extremely expensive - and there’s no guarantee that you’ll encounter every scenario while you do test drives on the road. There’s also no safe way to inject errors into a safety critical system while you’re driving a vehicle.


So ADAS iiT’s technology moves these safety critical systems from the road to the lab table. 



Demo: ADAS iiT’s virtual test drive application, performing sensor fusion testing, at NIWeek 2017


Demo: testing on virtual roads


ADAS iiT’s virtual test drive application performs sensor fusion testing using IPG CarMaker and NI Veristand running on an NI HIL.


In the demo, a car drives on a virtual road with virtual objects. IPG CarMaker passes information from Veristand that tells our RF generators to generate real radar signals. Then the radar sensor sees those radar signals, passes that information to the controller, so the controller thinks it’s in the car seeing real objects on the road. 


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