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Re: A Groundbreaking Verizon 5G Prototype

Today at IEEE’s Wireless Communications and Networking Conference in San Francisco, we debuted the world’s first public demonstration at 28 GHz of a real-time, over-the-air prototype aligned with the Verizon 5G specification. Though Verizon announced the availability of its 5G specification in 2015, no public, over-the-air demonstrations have occurred at 28 GHz until now.



James Kimery, director of RF research and SDR marketing at NI, has a close understanding of the project, and sees how truly revolutionary it is. With this prototype, researchers are now able to prototype and test the Verizon 5G specification in order to move immediately to 5G New Radio once the standard stabilizes.


Developers built the prototype using NI’s mmWave Transceiver System with a new version of the RF mmWave heads operating at 28 GHz and antennas developed by Anokiwave and Ball Aerospace. The prototype system was completely written with LabVIEW system design software and features fully modifiable, real-time code.

“This prototype demonstrates the power of the NI platform,” Kimery said. “Researchers can take advantage of the combination of hardware and software to rapidly prototype new wireless standards and iterate quickly to reduce time to results. They can now prototype and test the Verizon 5G specification and move immediately to 5G New Radio once the standard stabilizes.”


Learn more about our prototype >>



Wireless communication at millimeter wave range is highly influenced by atmospheric conditions. In digital video broadcasting services like D2H, a cloudy atmosphere will distort signal reception. However 5G will be equipped with different network terminologies to make it a reality.