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5G and Beyond: Demonstrating the World's First Real-Time Flex-Duplex Technology

In December 2017, the world’s first 5G and Beyond 5G (B5G) communications system using real-time Flex-Duplex radio technology was demonstrated using our technology.


Researchers at Yonsei University successfully developed radio wave resource sharing-based real-time multilayer Flex-Duplex technology, which can detect unused bandwidth by sensing the existing radio wave. In the case of this demo, the unused bandwidth was in spectrum below 6 GHz.


Reducing the cost of frequency and moving closer to 5G and B5G


Research team members were able to achieve network-level transfer rates twice as fast as the traditional full-duplex technologies using their real-time Flex-Duplex technology. It achieved 4X higher speed than the current half-duplex LTE system without additional frequency allocation.


In addition to reducing the cost of frequency auctions, Flex-Duplex technology moves us one step closer to 5G and B5G since the multi-antenna technology can also be used to achieve higher data rates.


Globecom_Yonsei.jpgFrom left: Researcher Cha Han, Yonsei University; NI Marketing Director James Kimery; Professor Chae Chan Byeong, Yonsei University; Researcher Kim Soo Min, Yonsei University

For the demonstration, the team used our USRP RIO devices for channel sensing and our PXI-based FlexRIO devices for real transmitter-receivers. The sensed data from USRP RIO was collected at a remotely located server, where the researchers created a probability map and applied the full-duplex technology.


Leading next-generation mobile communication


This is not the only time this team has been first at demonstrating new technology using our platform. In 2015, the researchers used our solutions with LG Electronics for the first time in the world. In 2016, the company also demonstrated broadband full-duplex technology and lens-based millimeter wave technology.


This newest development establishes a foundation for Korea to be a leader in next-generation mobile communication standardization and commercialization of related technologies.


For more incredible examples of how researchers transformed their novel wireless research ideas into real working prototypes, check out the third edition of our Wireless Research Handbook!


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