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5G: 2017 Year in Review

A lot happened in the world of 5G this year. Stay on top of the standard updates and get our director of RF and wireless research, James Kimery’s perspective on the incredible changes the wireless industry saw in 2017:


What to Expect from 5G Wireless in 2017

2017 was pivotal year with monumental milestones for 5G. There were several unknowns in January; find out if we were right about how these new technologies took shape.


3GPP Moves 5G Forward in Dubrovnik

The 3GPP agreed to accelerate the 5G deliverables by up to six months. A complete Non-Stand Alone (NSA) architecture is expected to be finalized by March of 2018 with the SA version using a 5G core network coming six months later.


Verizon 5GTF comes to life

In March 2017, NI demonstrated a real-time working prototype of the Verizon 5GTF at the IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC) in San Francisco.


Test is a key challenge for 5G

5G components and devices must be tested differently with new techniques and technologies from their 4G predecessors.


Is 5G for real?

Not yet, but the foundation is being laid today. Semiconductors, software, infrastructure, data centers, edge computing, and of course test and measurement must rise up to realize the vast potential that 5G promises.


To prepare for next year, check out more perspectives and technology driving next-generation wireless communications.