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3 Things to Watch for at Embedded World 2017

Embedded World 2017


Written by Rahman Jamal, Global Technology & Marketing Director, National Instruments



1. Time-Sensitive Networks (TSN)



One of the biggest trends in industrial embedded today is the new Ethernet standard Time-Sensitive Networks (TSN). Industrial suppliers, IT vendors, and silicon providers are collaborating within IEEE 802 and the recently-formed AVnu Alliance to update standard Ethernet protocols and provide bounded, low-latency data transfer for time-critical data in IIoT applications.


We’re also heavily invested in TSN and will show the potential of it in hall 1 as well as in a joint presentation with Intel. In this presentation, Avnu Alliance members will present an overview of the TSN standards and how they fit into an overall system architecture – and show examples of systems architectures for meeting the requirements of industrial applications and systems. These architectures will include:


  • How the system is configured
  • How time is synchronized across the system (including discrete industrial TSN domains)
  • Discovery of the physical topology
  • Configuration of network infrastructure
  • Examples showing how TSN can provide a foundational support for multiple application protocols (including multiple in a single, converged system)

 “Theory of Operations for TSN-based Industrial Systems and Applications” will take place at the conference 16 March 2017 from 09:30-10:00.



2. New trends, specifically IIoT and Industrie 4.0



Embedded World is a magnet for new trends and applications, especially around IIoT and Industrie 4.0.


I’m looking forward to another presentation at conference titled “Virtualization Methodology for Real Time Physical System Self Optimization.” Together with Xilinx, we’ll discuss a self-optimizing system methodology utilizing a virtual representation to control and optimize the performance and operating characteristics of a physical industrial system – focusing on using programmable technology to model and run system control algorithms while simultaneously running the actual system.


Parameters determined through virtualized operation and actual system operation enable real-time optimizations of the control loop and other system characteristics. This architecture allows designers to combine, on the target, the control system with an embedded real-time digital twin model developed as part of the system design simulation.


The model monitors the real-time behavior of the system and responds appropriately to anomalies detected. The embedded real-time digital twin endows the control system with a predicted outcome for the system response, enabling self-optimization feedback mechanisms. Both the virtualization and the HW/SW architecture including a real world implementation example using this methodology will be discussed.


“Virtualization Methodology for Real Time Physical System Self Optimization” will take place at the conference 15 March 2017 from 16:00-16:30.



3. #Humblebrag: Our open tech platform for embedded, on display



I know I’m being self-promoting here, but bear with me – because we’ll have our open platform and ecosystem live, in action, in two Embedded World 2017 halls! And of course that’s on my list of things to see at the show.


In Hall 4 our focus will be on automotive, aerospace, energy and power electronics. Besides our own automotive HIL application our Alliance Partners Konrad Technologies, SEA, SET, and IPG will be showcasing solutions based on our open platform.


We’ll also be in Hall 1, where you can learn more about the next evolution of the Ethernet standard (TSN) and find out what this means for your future applications. You can also experience a wide range of themes here, including “LabVIEW on ARM- and Intel-based embedded systems,” “Time-critical data for the IoT,” and “NI Linux Real-Time.”


Here’s where to find us at the conference: Hall 1, booth 652 and Hall 4, booth 108



Follow us for all our updates from #EW17: @NIglobal