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2018 Featured Engineering Impact Award Winners

We want to shine a light on a select few Engineering Impact Award winners from NIWeek. These featured award winners were hand-selected by a special group of judges with a profound interest in the subject matter of their awards.


Chairman’s Award Winner 

Selected and presented by Dr. James Truchard, Chairman of the Board, Former CEO and President, 1976-2016, NI


EIA_2018_64.JPGBy using LabVIEW and FlexRIO, JKI and PDF Solutions were able to create a system to control a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and build a .NET assembly that allows communication with external applications. This custom system makes it possible for users to analyze SEM images in real life rather than offline and aims to help lower the cost of IC manufacturing and design, shorten time to market, and increase profitability.


This award is given to an individual or team who sees beyond the boundaries of today's engineering challenges, shows relentless determination, and has the vision to see how we will all be impacted by technological advancements. Dr. James Truchard, NI cofounder and chairman of the NI board of directors, honors innovators who, like himself, exhibit the courage to explore new ideas and demonstrate a commitment to changing the world through science and engineering.




Humanitarian Award Winner

Selected and presented by Jeff Kodosky, Cofounder and Business and Technology Fellow, NI


EIA_2018_62.JPGThe winners of this award, Coventry University and University College London, used LabVIEW and USRP to develop a passive WIFI sensing system that is able to detect body movements and vital signs of a subject without any physical contact. This research team combined their innovation with machine learning systems, making it easier to monitor the health and activity of residents in nursing homes.


For more than 40 years, NI has been dedicated to equipping engineers and scientists with the systems they need to improve the world through engineering. This award recognizes the application with the greatest potential to positively impact people across the globe.




Intel Internet of Things Award Winner

Selected and presented by Thierry Godart, General Manager, Industrial Solutions, Internet of Things Group, Intel


EIA_2018_61.JPGCRRC Qingdao Sifang used a combination of NI InsightCM™ and CompactRIO to build a predictive maintenance solution to increase usable train time while simultaneously ensuring safety at 350 km/h. With the help of NI products, CRRC will be able to open new doors for the future generation of CRRC trains.  


This award is given for the most innovative IoT application using platforms to connect, manage, and secure devices and data in a consistent and scalable manner. The winning application must use intelligent connected devices, including NI software and hardware featuring the Intel architecture.





Global Student Design Showcase Winner

Presented by David Trumper, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MITEIA_2018_60.JPG


Congratulations to the University of Texas at Austin’s Texas Guadaloop team! This student organization used a combination of NI’s CompactRIO, myRIO, and LabVIEW to prototype and test their system for a hyperloop pod designed to travel at transonic speeds with an air-bearing levitation system. Their nascent transonic vehicle concept also won them the Innovation Award at SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod Competition II.


At NI, we’re committed to preparing the students of today for the grand challenges of tomorrow. The Global Student Design Showcase is an invitation to students using NI products to take on exciting and unique engineering challenges, and then share their process and journey. This initiative is an important part of our mission to accelerate discovery in the classroom and in the research lab. The winner of this award is the “best of the best” from the regional showcases from around the world.





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