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where is relay?

A simple question.Im a new user of Multisim 2001. Want to use a relay to simulate, but in the database, the relay interface is like the accessories. Is the vesion wrong?
How can I find the relay of 1A?
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I am not sure I fully understand your post. If you are refering to the way the relay looks it is because you have the DIN sysmbols active. You can change this by going into Preferences>Component Bin and cliking the circle next to where it says ANSI.

As far as the relays are concerned, I believe most of them are 1A except the last 2 and they are 1B and 1C. These last 2 are Generic Relays and are not a manufacturers model.

If I have misunderstood you, I apologize, and maybe you can clear me up on exactly what you are referring to.


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Im sorry for my question. In my knowledge, every relay's change the switch have a voltage and current. Low than the voltage or current the relays never change. In multisim 2001, how to know the information of one?
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I apologize in advance if I am misunderstanding. If I understand you are asking how to determine the voltage and current requirements in order to turn on the relay. As far as the Voltage is concerned, the last number in the part number indicates the Voltage of the Relay. For Example: The for first one on the list EDR201A05 The last four numbers 1A05 indicates that this is a 1A Relay at 05 VDC.

As far a the current requirements you could look at the the model data. I am not sure exactly where in the model data this information is located, but I am sure it is there.

If all else fails you could just look up the datasheet on the internet. Most of the time the models are fairly close to the datasheet parameters.

I really hope I am helping and that you find this information of use. Good Luck


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Im full of gratitude you for helping me!

Im a student from China.Smiley Tongue... In the week, we are going to make a design, must use multisim. we're all the new users of it. So many quesitons in runing. However, I found here, a grand zone! In here, I felt all of you  heartily solved any puzzles of me, even it so basic. Thats out of my mind.

At last, thinks very much!

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