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what do you thing about EWB update

I have been using EWB software for many years. But now it looks EWB/NI does not want to update or upgrade their software. We pay "connexts" each year, the created "SUU" for best update... but nothing behind. There are a lot of bug in version 9, very important bug, and no patch since June !
With this post, I just want do know you opinion about this suite and the update.
EWB software are very good, but the support become more and more light.
Thanks for you opinion
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Hi Sebastien,

I do encourage anyone with good/bad reviews to forward those to us -- -- we do review each comment and take action on the extent of our possibilities.

With the integration with NI, major changes are being done internally and externally, the major ones usually take more time in order to guarantee the best work possible, however please note that this changes will result in a more solid platform, in terms of Software, Upgrade, Updates and Tech Support access. Starting early next year, we'll start to communicate and provide most of the service and product changes.

The most valuable asset of SUU --as I see it--, is the Upgrade opportunity. We will soon transition to NI's SSP program and licensing systems which will make things more easier and integrated.

In the Support side, we are increasing the volume we can accept on Support requests and shorten response time. In case you are served by a distributor please direct your comments and requests directly to them and provide feedback to us.

You will also notice that this forum has incremented the traffic and responses. We are making efforts to make this forum a great resource of knowledge sharing between the User community.

I hope that this response gives you some insight on what is going inside at EWB...

Best regards,

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