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use of shared bus among different block of the same project

I have a hierarchical project and I would like to use the same bus in different blocks (each one using all or part of the available signals).
I'm not able to achieve this functionality. I've tried using the off block bus connector but so doing I can only connect 2 blocks with one bus and not more as I wish.
Does anyone know how to implement this.
Thank you

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This is one I haven't heard of. I know you can use busses inside the block, but I thought that the block itself had to have I/O pins in order to connect to the external circuits. If you need to use a bus to interconnect the different blocks you can use one outside the bliocks and run all the hierarchy block I/O pins to the bus.

I am using Multisim Power Pro 2001 so it may be different in a newer version. I may be misunderstaning your problem and if I am I apologize in advace.

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That is correct.
A block can only communicate to the rest of the circuit via its inputs or outputs. So, in order to share a same bus, you will need to have a bus input or output on each block... and from the parent circuit wire the buses into those inputs/outputs.
We might be thinking on virtual connections, if it will apply the same for buses on blocks... and it does not. You can make virtual connections on buses on same level circuit pages, but not on Subcircuit or Hierarchical blocks, for those you need inputs and outputs.
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Thank you for your replays, I solved the problem using the connectors at block levek, and when I connected together more than 2 blocks, I had to be careful to in order to generate the bus I wanted and to connect in the proper way. Though, I think this activity is not simple to implement in case of bus shared by many blocks and not user friendly and therefore there is room for improvement, from SW point of view.
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I don't know if you can or not, but just for my curiousity, I would really like to see your ciruit and how you accomplished what you did. It is very interesting and It may help others also Thanks in advance if your willing to do this..
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